Junggesellinnen Backparty Event mit Pralinenherstellung

Lassen Sie den Stress des Hochzeitstages für einen Tag beiseite und verbringen Sie ihn mit Ihren Lieblingsmenschen beim Pralinenmachen!

Ewa Feix lädt die Braut und ihre Liebsten gerne zu einem coolen Kurs ein. Die Braut und ihre Freunde werden mit einem Sekt oder einem köstlichen alkoholfreien Mocktail begrüßt.

Unter der Leitung von Ewa Feix werden Sie lernen:

- traditionelle UND neue Techniken in der Welt der Schokolade

- die Bedeutung und Funktionsweise des Temperierens von Schokolade

- wie man eine köstliche Erdbeer-Karamell-Füllung herstellt

- wie man Ganache herstellt

- effektive Techniken zur Schokoladendekoration mit Hilfe von Hilfsmitteln wie Transferpapier, Drahtgestellen und Silikonformen

Jeder Teilnehmer erhält eine Schachtel mit verschiedenen Pralinen und Trüffeln, die er mit nach Hause nehmen kann, um sie mit Freunden und Familie zu teilen.

Dieser Kurs wird als 2-stündiger Kurs oder als 4-stündiger Kurs angeboten.

Der längere Kurs umfasst 6 Schokoladentechniken und eine Pause mit frisch gebackener Pizza und einem Obstteller. Der kürzere Kurs umfasst 3 Schokoladentechniken sowie warme und kalte Getränke. In beiden Kursen werden Sie mit einem Glas Sekt/Mocktail begrüßt.

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The maximum amount of participants is 11 for which we have seating. There is standing room for 12 participants.

The minimum amount of participants to run a private class is 4 participants. 

It depends how fully booked we are. Ideally you should book a minimum of 4-5 months in advance of your event date. Our course schedule is available onlineso you can see which dates are already taken well in advance. A nice idea if you see that your event date is already booked out on a Saturday or Sunday, try to request a Friday evening slot.

Almost all of our private events take place at our location in Waldems which is great because you don’t have to do the dishes when you are done!

We do also offer courses on location whether directly at your home or at an event location. We bring all the ingredients and materials in large transport boxes, do a complete set up and then we bake together. Please note that there are additional costs for travel and set up time to consider when booking outside of the Waldems location.

Events usually take place on Saturdays and Sundays however a great under-booked but just as fun time slot is Friday evenings! 

There are two main options for course durations. There is the shorter course which is 2,5 hours long and includes small amounts of baking and is more focused on decoration and putting desserts together. The other option is a 4-hour course. Courses which run 4 hours have a break with  complimentary finger food. This usually includes pizza or sandwiches or salads as well as a fruit platter. During the 4 hours, the participants are involved in the whole baking process. The shorter option is designed as a quick and easy part of a bigger itinerary and the longer option is for the real baking enthusiast who wants to spend as much time baking as possible. 

Yes, we have a ramp to the bakery. Please let us know in advance so that we can inform you about the seating possibilities. 

The minimum age for participants is 14 years old. The classes are fast paced and in larger group settings. Usually it is nice for the 14 year old to come with a friend or adult so they have someone to connect with during the class as other participants often also come with partners. For 13 and 12 year olds, a parent is required. 

Participants can bring a notepad and a pen for taking notes. Participants can bring their own apron to the event. For baking events, it is always a nice touch when the party organizer provides matching aprons for everyone. Boxes are provided for the freshly baked goodies however you can also bring a large flat bottomed bag for easier transport. 

No, all courses are designed for first time bakers to enjoy. There is always a mixture of foundational baking basics and more advanced techniques on Das Cupcake courses which makes them fun for first time as well as advanced bakers.

EwaFeix’s native language is English however after so many years teaching and living Germany, she teaches almost exclusively in German. Surprisingly the demand for English speaking courses is very limited.Ewahas a thick Canadian accent but loves to teach her baking classes in German!