Logo Cake Pops

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If you are having trouble with your logo uploading, do not stress. Because our lead time for freshly baked logo cupcakes is 4 days you always have time to resend and/or we will get in touch and follow up with the logo that needs to be printed.

No, the disks on the logo cake pops are not edible. The logo disk is printed on high quality paper and threaded through the cake pop stick.

Yes, the disks on the logo cupcakes are completely edible. The logo disk is printed on a piece of sugar paper with edible food color ink. The sugar paper disk is floppy so we glue it with glucose onto a hard piece of sugar paste which is also edible. There is often condensation in the cupcake box so our logo disks can take on a shine but this is totally normal. One way to avoid this is to pack the logo disks separately and have the customer apply the disks themselves before the event. This is not the standard but if you would like this, it is always an option.

Logo cake pops come in a cake box. They can be taken out of this box and placed directly onto a plate or platter as they have a smooth bottom. Individually packaged cake pops are also possible. Please search for individually packaged
cake pops on our website for more information about this product.

Individually packaged macarons are packed in transparent plastic bags and sealed with a ribbon bow. They arrived in a cake box and can be distributed directly to cus