Virtual Cake Pop Secrets (incl. Bake @ HOME Box)

This super easy class is designed to introduce you to the world of cake pops. Cake pops are pieces of cake on a stick, dipped in chocolate and make wonderful bite sized pieces of dessert. You can customize them by topping them with ingredients such as crushed cereal or cookies or sprinkles.

The perfect cake pop box: A perfect gift for a baker looking to try a new recipe or for a beginner who wants to find everything in one simple box. You dont have to spend extra time finding specialty ingredients, measuring or trying to find the perfect recipe. During your virtual class together, Ewa Feix makes the cake pops from start to finish with a lot of tips on the way. In this box you receive freshly baked cake which you will transform into perfect spheres ready for dipping in Belgian chocolate. After the cake pops are dipped, your kids will know what to do with the sprinkles. Included are chocolate and colorful sprinkles. 

So impress your family and friends for their birthday with some handmade cake pops made with love or add a new favourite recipe to your collection. A perfect gift for your favourite baker or for yourself! Ships Germany-wide



Delivery time: Standard (Germany 5-7 Tage)

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Your baking box gets sent approximately one week in advance of your course. It is sent unregistered as a „Maxi Brief.“ This means there is no tracking number. We send the boxes well in advance so they have time to travel all across Germany and reach their location on time. We can make changes to the addresses but be sure to contact us at least 1,5 weeks in advance to make that address change. 

You receive approximately 90% of the ingredients to bake your macarons. We do not send eggs or milk through the postal service. All fresh ingredients such as eggs, milk and butter and a small selection of other ingredients we ask you buy in advance. You receive the grocery shopping list one week in advance to the email address which you provided during your booking. We also include the grocery list for you as a printed hard copy and when you open the box it is the first thing you see. This should remind you in case you haven’t followed up on the email yet. 

In addition to the majority of the ingredients you also receive piping bags, the piping tip and the silicone baking mat. These are all very important to help you pipe and bake the perfect macarons. In the same email as the grocery list email, you receive a "Mise en Place“ photo with all the kitchen tools you should have ready when the Zoom call begins. Some of the more important kitchen tools are a Handmixer, a rubber spatula and several bowls, ideally stainless steel, an oven and a kitchen scale to measure the fresh ingredients. 

We currently have a complete video that you have unlimited access to after the virtual macaron course. You receive a password for this video via email one week before your virtual course. This means you can practice or see what the class will include in advance or watch it after your class with us just to fresh up your memory. We are currently working hard to put together a video for our virtual cake pop class too.

A baking box course is a great gift for those someone who loves to bake and wants the convenience of everything sent in a box to bake directly from home. You have a choice. You can buy a gift certificate for a macaron or cake pop bake box course and pay the cost for that course in full and then the recipient of the gift certificate can choose the class date at a later time. Alternatively, you can buy a gift certificate of a certain value amount or denomination and this can partially cover the cost of a course or another purchase in our online shop.