Belgian Chocolate Cupcakes with Vanilla Buttercream

If you want to check if your desired pickup date is available, you can check it through this link. Please note that a booking without an order in our online store will NOT be processed


Delivery is provided within the Frankfurt am Main area for a flat rate of 25 Euro for regular sized orders. Deliveries Germany-wide are priced by distance. Please send us an email with the address of the delivery location and we will send you a quote.

Nutritional information

Sugar, flour, eggs, milk, vanilla extract, baking powder, salt, baking soda, coffee, oil, Buttercream: Butter, vanilla paste, vanilla pudding powder

Deliciously moist, light and not overly sweet chocolate cake with a deep cocoa flavour with a rich and deeply satisfying but not overly sweet chocolate buttercream.

Our all time favourite for customers who want the best of both worlds with chocolate cake on the bottom and vanilla buttercream on top.

Our cupcakes are baked fresh to order and can be ordered in multiples of 12.


It depends on the size of your order and how fully booked we are. Ideally you should book a minimum of 3 weeks in advance of your pick up or delivery date. This ensures nothing is overlooked and there is enough time to buy fresh ingredients and discuss and plan all design ideas. For weddings or large parties we ask for a minimum of 5 weeks advance notice to the pick up or delivery date. Our preorder schedule is first-come-first-served and can fill up at any time, so the more notice you give the more likely it will be that we have availability. Everything is baked fresh to order and we do not keep frozen cupcakes or cakes in stock so no short notice orders are possible. 

Yes, Das Cupcake does deliver on weekends and weekdays. 

We deliver cupcakes, cake pops and custom desserts to the Rhein Main region which includes Frankfurt and upwards of a 60km radius. Surprise a loved a one on their birthday or cater a large party. If you can't deliver it to their door, we will! Each delivery is calculated on the basis of the delivery address and there is a flat-rate of €25 per regular sized deliveries to Frankfurt specifically.

Das Cupcakes recommends that all our products are consumed within 3 days of the delivery/pick up date.

We currently offer one vegan flavor option-chocolate raspberry. We specialize in custom orders so feel free to enquire about more flavor options.

Each delivery is calculated on the basis of the delivery address and there is a flat-rate of €25 per regular sized deliveries to Frankfurt specifically. 

Local pick-ups at our bakery in Waldems are free and also possible. Just get in touch to schedule a pick-up time.

We are flexible with our pick up hours. There are no fixed times. All you have to do is get in touch and we will set up a pick up time together. 

All of our cupcakes are baked fresh to order and the minimum order amount is 12 cupcakes per flavor.